Milenio Red Honey - Costa Rica

Milenio Red Honey - Costa Rica

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Altitude: 1800

​Process: Honey

Tasting Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Tropical Fruits with a full body.

Farm size: 11.6 hectares

It is our honor to be able to roast this coffee! It is our first DIRECT TRADE offering!

This means that we have made contact with Gaia Artisan Coffee in Costa Rica and have paid the farmer directly for these beans. Resulting in much more sustainable trade for the long term trading of coffee between us and Costa Rica.



Located in Llano Bonito of Naranjo, the farm has been recognized for its Specialty Coffee Production.

The plantation has 100% F1 Hybrid variety plants,

Fernando and Angie own coffee plantations in the Western Valley of Costa Rica. This region has been called one of the most complex due to its microclimates.
Angie recently acquired her Q-grader certification.
Fernando is an agricultural engineer and has been  cultivating new hybrid F-1 coffee varieties. These varieties are stronger against climate change and plant diseases than their local counterparts and have a higher production yield.
These varieties make their land not only more productive than average, but result in amazing quality coffees with high SCA cupping scores.